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Deborah Love


Who is Deborah?

Deborah is a natural born fourth generation psychic medium, energy healer, animal communicator and author. She has studied and qualified in many healing and holistic modalities such as Reiki, Theta and Crystal therapies. Deborah has appeared on TV for her work as a psychic medium and animal communicator and her clients have also included well known celebrities.

In Deborah’s healing journey she believes she has been blessed with many beautiful supernatural events in her life so far. This has allowed her to channel guidance directly from Spirit to assist others on their souls journey.

Deborah now provides affordable private psychic readings by email internationally.

My Psychic Reality

My Psychic Reality is a true life  account of a Spiritual Psychic medium and Animal communicator Deborah Love. Deborah has featured on TV for her work as a psychic medium and animal communicator.

In Deborah’s first book she shares with you just a brief account of some of her extraordinary supernatural personal experiences. This book will open your mind to life after death and the reality of life on the other side.

To find out more or to purchase a copy of ‘My psychic reality’ paperback or e-book please click on the image to be directed to Amazon.co.uk. The e-book is currently FREE of charge with Amazon Kindle.

Personal psychic email readings

Personal psychic readings by Email includes areas of love, relationship, career and home life. The more specific the question the more specific the guidance is from Spirit.

For readings Deborah will utilize tarot, angel oracle and her guides assistance when providing her email readings. Deborah will only channel and work with The Divine and Angels of light to provide her readings.

Email readings: Delivery 2-3 days
One Question Reading: £10.00
Four Questions Reading: £15.00
Six Month Forecast: £20.00

Please note:

Payment will be required in advance prior to your reading being delivered to you. Please make payment using the below PayPal link. Thank you. 🙏

Deborah Love reserves the right to refuse services and asks for genuine enquirers only.

Legal disclaimer: Readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Readings By Deborah

Free distance spiritual healing

Free Spiritual Distance Healing including Urgent Animal Healing


Margaret, Merseyside
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"Wow !! What an Amazing reading !! It just Blew me Away !! I don’t know if I can sleep tonight.What beautiful words and messages, spot on. Its the Best Christmas Present I have ever had in my Life . Deborah is such an Evolved Spirit !! Ive never ever had such a ( no words can describe really but I’d say Awesome )reading and I’ve had a lot of readings throughout the years. Deborah's reading is another level."
Jan xx
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Thankyou so much 🙏💓 This resonated hugely. I understand every single message I really do! I’m still in awe, reading it has been incredibly cathartic. I so needed this and I cannot thank you enough Deborah. You are truly gifted ⭐️
Jen , London
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"The most accurate Psychic and lightworker I have contacted.... "
Louise, Cheshire
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"I had a reading by Deborah and I can honestly say that I was spooked by the outcome. I cannot believe how accurate she was!! I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an answer to their question.."
Eileen , Gloucester
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"Thank you Deborah for connecting with my deceased husband which has filled me with joy. Deborah has an amazing gift. Highly recommend to anyone."
Mark D
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‘Deborah is a genuine psychic who is amazingly accurate and very kind..’
Angela M
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‘Excellent service, spot on with my situation.’.
Christopher KT
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‘Truly amazing, you need to try and believe in the talent of this person.’
Maria H
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‘Excellent reading, spot on and very detailed, fast response. Thank you’
Joanne F
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‘Very talented reader, highly recommend’
Sarah J
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‘Lovely reading by a lovely caring lady, gave me comfort and clarity.’
Jane B
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‘Very gifted lady thank you for your support and kindness’
Dan F
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‘Positive and spookily accurate..’
Louise H.
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I had an amazing reading with Deborah! Everything was spot on, amazing detail and I cant wait to see how this year pans out! Will definitely be back! Xx

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